$550 Penny SportsPlay Tournament

$550 Penny SportsPlay Tournament

We are now giving even more rewards back to our players through this new tournament. The Penny Sportsplay is a MTT tournament with the buyin of only a penny and the prize pool is entirely Sports FreePlays. So now you can get the thrills of poker game and win your prize to be able to wager on your favorite sports team!!!

Prize Pool

1st-$150 freeplay
2nd-$100 freeplay
3rd-$80 freeplay
4th-$70 freeplay
5th-$50 freeplay
6th-$40 freeplay
7th-$30 freeplay
8th-$20 freeplay
9th-$10 freeplay







Freeplay Prizes will be added within 24 hours of completion of tournament. You also must adhere to the withdrawal guidelines for freeplays with a roller over 10x of the prize awarded before you may withdrawal the funds.

Management reserves the right to confiscate the Reward of any player(s) deemed to be taking advantage of our Reward programs.  This will only be applicable when the deposited funds, which have earned a Reward, are redeemed.

Freeplay Prizes for this tournament will only be awarded to active depositing players.