Grand Poker Points

Here at Grand Poker Network we are dedicated to giving back to our players. Our rewards program is the best that you will find.

Grand Poker Points are awarded to every real money poker player (Cash Games, Tournaments, Sit And Go)

250 Grand Poker Points are credited to the account of a real money player for every $1 USD that has been contributed in Rake.

Grand Poker Points do not expire and are displayed to each player on the main lobby of the poker software.

You will be able to collect your Rewards at anytime you choose using the GPP's Tab at the top of the lobby. The drop down will prompt you to the GPP Exchange pop up box in which you can convert your GPPs to real money. The GPP exchange will convert your GPPs to cash at a rate of 35% rakeback. You can also earn higher rakeback than this by playing the AdvanceToGo Reward Tournaments. Grand Poker Points can be used to register for the AdvanceToGo Reward Tournaments currently listed under the Freerolls section. These tournaments currently guarantee a minimum of 50% rake back, even for finishing in last place. 100% rake back to 1st place.